Martin Spycher, General Manager

Insider tips for Zurich

My very personal tip: why not have lunch in the zoo for once?


Animal encounters
The perfect start of the day commences with a city stroll across the crooked lanes of the historic center. Discover small designer shops and hidden boutiques. For breakfast, head to the market at Bürkliplatz Square where you can watch the cozy atmosphere of the market while having coffee and a croissant. My very personal tip: why not have lunch in the zoo for once? Close to the large elephant enclosure, a small food truck serves delicious Thai meals. With a tasty curry or another South-Asian specialty, you may then observe the young elephants paddling beneath the waterfall.

Through the treetops, into the lake

Zurich’s zoo is definitely one of the world’s most beautiful zoos. And when already there, take a look around: the enclosures provide a near-nature living environment and a lot of space for the animals. Sometimes, you even need to let wander your eyes to catch sight of a hidden zoo inhabitant. A very special highlight is ensured by the Masoala treetop path where you roam, high up, the habitats of Madagascar’s fauna. Another must during summer: jump into the warm lake at Zürihorn and let the sun touch your belly in the large park! Alternatively, you may also have a beach volleyball game and listen to the street musicians.

Fondue – always a joy!

An eventful day makes hungry. Our guests don’t need to look far: directly in our Zürcherhof, there is the Walliser Keller. Here they serve the best Valaisan specialties of the city – and a warming Fondue or Raclette is always suitable! Should you be in the mood for nightlife afterwards, you’ll find the full range of opportunities in our city. I myself like the small concert venues such as “Kaufleuten”, “Volkshaus”, or “Papiersaal”. They are all within easy walking distance from the hotel, which is convenient for you can comfortably enjoy a few glasses of wine or a cocktail…

Location List

• BürkliplatzBürkliplatz, Zürich, Switzerland
• Zoo ZurichZoo Zürich, Zürichbergstrasse, Zürich, Switzerland
• ZürihornZürichhorn, Zürich, Switzerland
• Hotel ZürcherhofHotel Zürcherhof, Zähringerstrasse, Zürich, Switzerland
• KaufleutenKaufleuten, Pelikanplatz, Zürich, Switzerland
• VolkshausCafe-Restaurant Volkshaus, Erberpromenade, Himberg, Austria
• PapiersaalPapiersaal, Kalanderplatz, Zürich, Switzerland

Zähringerstrasse 21
Zürich, 8001, Schweiz

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